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sport_carH&R Suspension is a UK-based informational site on suspension for cars. We are not affiliated with H&R–we’re just enthusiasts!

eCommerce has led to growth of the auto suspension industry. The expansion of knowledge about new innovations in product and service are our interest. We look at major auto manufacturer production alongside homegrown innovation of custom suspension lift kits, for off-road recreation to gather the latest and most impactful insights about suspension all in one place.

When drivers consider automobile performance, they think of zero-to-60 horsepower and torque acceleration. Automobile engineers acknowledge, however, that the mastery of high performance lies in a vehicle’s suspension system. Suspension maximises friction between a car’s tyres and the surface of a road. Quality of suspension is essential to steering stability and handling, so that a bump in the road does not cause discomfort to passengers.

Scientists indicate that the Law of Gravity shows “what goes up, must come down”. When wheels lose contact with the road, suspension creates safety. Shock absorbers control for dynamic vertical energy at an accelerated speed, and minimize the transfer of weight inside a vehicle while turning. This is especially important when driving around sharp corners, as tyres stand to lose their grip.

Suspension isolates handling, turning, and unevenness in ride when driving on a less than perfect road, and in the most unsafe weather conditions. This shows us that suspension is should be our mantra, and our salvation, no matter how affectionate we claim we are in relation to an auto’s aesthetic appearance. At H&R Suspension we honor this truth, and in the process adding a little credibility to the belief that safety, not star shine, is what it is ultimately all about.  

We aim to capture this evolution in suspension parts and service. The vast selection of suspension parts, components, and customisable kits is only mirrored by the at times, more profound arena of highly qualified service specialists contributing to the acceleration of technological innovation in auto safety and handling. H&R has created a forum to honor auto industry professionals, and create the conditions for inclusion of feedback by avid collectors and consumers.

The benefits of knowledge sharing are proving to be an indispensable factor in the development of auto industry ingenuity. Collectors want nothing more than to participate in this process, contributing to focus group discussions, that in turn feed insights applied in research and development mock-up and testing of suspension pilot projects. Design-in features created by enthusiast auto craftsmen and craftswomen, advance engineering knowledge to meet customer expectations, and manufacturer value chain specifications. We would like to thank our sponsors for all their time and investment. Kroon Casino has been truly amazing for us, if you never heard of them, they are known as the best Dutch online casino and their online casinos 2020. Moreover, we would like to thank Easymarkets, they offer the best Easymarkets trading informatie on their website and last but not least we would like to thank our Thai partner, which provides information about Happy Luke, คลิกที่นี่เพื่ออ่านเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับHappyLuke is what they would say in Thai!
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