About Us

car_diagramH&R Suspension is a UK-based informational site on suspension for cars. We are not affiliated with H&R–we’re just enthusiasts! As such, we wanted to create a site that teaches people about car suspension. We’re a pair of university students who dropped out, when we realised that we loved working on cars more than working on books. Jack loves to tune up his Mustang on the weekends when we’re not in the garage, while I (Martin) am dedicated to webmaster pursuits, and online gaming in my free time.

Knowledge about auto suspension parts, inventories, maintenance service, and industry events is our love. We report on the latest product releases and opinions of the suspension manufacturing industry and its distributors, retailers, technicians, consumers, and fans, to find out what they really think. The UK offers world class capabilities in auto suspension, parts and repair. Innovations in the sector by such greats as Eibach, Bilstein, H&R, Tein, Air Lift, Continental, AC Delco, and GReddy, supply the inspiration and the readership at the site.

H&R Suspension published articles, blogs, case studies, news, and product reviews reflect those trends. Readers can expect to find discussion about the latest research and development, testing, standards, regulation and service technician and consumer feedback about new (and rebuilt) suspension and related steering parts such as columns and gear boxes, drag links and control arms, shock absorbers, steering idler arms, rack and pinion steering assemblies, ball joints, struts, tie rod ends and wheels.

We also draw on market research reporting in the industry. Auto manufacturer, distributor, retailer, and service agents offer much in the way of research about the domestic and global markets. In-depth sector engagement key industry statistics about trends, technologies, and recommendations backing product launches, service innovation, and sector forecasts for the future.

The recent return to auto collector investment in the UK, has boosted the demand for steering and suspension parts and components. The outlook for domestic car production has ramped up steadily in the past several years, and it is predicted that the definition of industry product segments in the auto parts market will continue to be enhanced by the development of technologies manufactured to improve performance and durability of vehicle suspension in the years to come.

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