Suspension Comparison

Automakers have always refined vehicle systems design with suspension installation. The brands Eibach, Bilstein, H&R, Tein, Air Lift, Continental, AC Delco, and GReddy are just a few of the high-quality suspension products we review on the H&R Suspension website. The perfect ride depends on installation of the right suspension parts. Identifying the proper components is the first step in preparing a vehicle for race-worthy handling. The latest suspension systems support an auto to reconcile bumps and turns in the road, white responding to steering commands with the utmost of comfort and performance in handling.

If you enjoy sportsters, suspension is your game. Details to suspension such as understanding the magnetic dampers on your Audi R8 or Ferrari FF are integral to winning the race in both road responsiveness, and long-term maintenance. Collectors look to the latest in suspension systems for electric automobile models, want to know about suspension products offering the best energy efficiency. If a vehicle has been purchased for all-weather conditions, which type of suspension system will provide the safest adjustment to damper when making road transitions in the rain or snow.

Some of the newest innovations in suspension in European automobile models give us a glimpse into the next generation of products and systems to come. Mercedes 2015 release of the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG coupe, offered us lateral-acceleration sensor paired suspension for continuous perception of corners and jostles in the road. The S65 AMG coupe is air suspension supported so that the vehicle’s body tilts accordingly, improving ergonomic comfort of passengers on any road, and at any speed, as result.

In comparison, the Audi 2015 RS 7 offers the latest version of hydraulic cross-linked suspension for dynamic ride control. Unlike conventional suspension systems that employ steel anti-roll bars to counteract body impact, the hydraulic systems fluid shifts to the opposite side of the car for balance. The great thing about the latest in suspension systems is that they are virtually undetectable when driving on smooth roads.

New suspension systems allow for unimpeded steering while traveling at consistent speeds, as well as respond to more radical changes in the road. Changes in the suspension manufacturing industry are leading to highly customisable products like lift kits that allow drivers to re-design a vehicle’s steering and resistance to independent specifications. Vehicles can be mounted with large-size anti-roll bars or no anti-roll bars, depending on preference.

For recreational drivers, the innovation of custom suspension lift kits has transformed the look, and the performance of off-road vehicles. Custom suspension lift kits raise the height of a truck of a vehicle. Installation of a suspension lift kit gives a driver better control over rapid shifts in speed, approaches up hills, and ground clearance during all-terrain driving. Suspension kits also allow for upgrades to oversized wheels and tires. Coil spring lift kits and leaf spring lift kits are fast becoming one of the most popular solutions for off-road driving enthusiasts and racers.

The best performance and handling are seen in these new suspension systems, and are the closest thing to perfection we have seen in the evolution of the auto. Participation H&R Suspension Community Forum chat sessions encourage enthusiasts to talk about these transformative changes in the suspension manufacturing industry, engage Q&A, and share ideas. Join us for chat about the future in suspension systems solutions.